About By When? Planner Co.

By When Planner Co. is a hand crafted planner company designed in the heart of South Carolina and hand made out of California. It’s owned, designed, and marketed by a former nurse named Taylor Kaufmann. 

As a wife, mom, and entrepreneur, Taylor understands how to prioritize a busy schedule wearing multiple hats. She intentionally creates each planner to increase productivity and decrease overwhelm in your day to day life.

The name “By When?” refers to setting deadlines and committing to completing the priorities and tasks you intended to each day.

We believe that setting clear deadlines, time blocking, and tracking your progress is the key to success, and our planners are designed to do just that. 

At By When? Planner Co, we take pride in the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every single one of our products. Handmade entirely from the U.S.A from start to finish within our California headquarters, each item bears the mark of our dedication and hard work. We've crafted a range of beautifully designed planners that not only keep you organized but also motivate you to take action and accomplish your most important tasks every day.

Our mission extends beyond mere organization; we aspire to brighten your days with our motivational quotes, our blogs for additional support, and making your planner experience unique with exchangeable covers.

With our planners by your side, we aim to keep you not only organized but focused on your goals and dreams.