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Daily Focus Planner: Passion Colors

Daily Focus Planner: Passion Colors

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Our daily focus planner is a 12-month tool to help you achieve your goals, with clarity and purpose. Handcrafted in the USA, and made to order

7” x 9”
80# Premium paper
20mil Laminated covers
Exchangeable covers
Heavy gauge aluminum spirals
Pen clip/bookmark
Gel pen (black ink)

Choose starting month
Quarterly goals
Monthly reflection pages
Habit tracker
Improved time management


80# premium paper
20mil Laminated covers
110# Index paper for our tabs and covers
Eco-friendly recyclable aluminum spiral coils

Shipping and Processing

Every planner is made to order. We print, punch, and bind in house. Processing time is between 2-3 business days

We offer standard ground shipping, to the USA and Canada

You will receive shipping confirmation and tracking number as soon as your order is processed and shipped

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Customer Reviews

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First Planner

After receiving my focus planner two weeks ago before 2024. I will say since using the planner I never realized how much I needed an hourly block and weekly goals and priorities. Anyway, I love reading the different quotes from public figures. I love that the habits can be tracked weekly. I have noticed that this planner doesn't focus on adding a lot of trackers that I would never use. I have never been so focused using a planner like this before. However, I will be buying a focus planner for 2025. As of now, I will be enjoying using the focus planner for 2024.